This website serves as an information hub for EdCamps in Oklahoma as well as PLAYDATE PD events. These are all FREE events organized by volunteers. Follow #OklaEd on Twitter for updates on these events. Subscribe to this Google Calendar to stay updated on Oklahoma EdCamps and PLAYDATES!    The official EdCamp wiki lists all upcoming EdCamps worldwide.

An EdCamp is a free “un-conference” for educators to share ideas, collaborate and network together. EdCamps are based on the BarCamp and TeachMeet conference models.

Upcoming EdCamps & PLAYDATEs in Oklahoma include:

  1. 1/21/2017 EdCampSWOK (@EdCampSWOK) -Tomlinson Middle School, Lawton
  2. mid-February: McAlester (details coming)
  3. 3/4/2017 EdCampOKC (@edcampOKC) – Del City High School, Oklahoma City

Past EdCamps & PLAYDATEs in Oklahoma have included:

  1. 11/5/2016 EdCamp Stillwater (Stillwater)
  2. 10/29/2016 EdCamp Western Oklahoma (Elk City)
  3. 6/1/2016 EdCamp918 @edcamp918 in Tulsa, OK (Wilson Teaching & Learning Center in TPS) #edcamp918
  4. 3/4/2017: EdCampOKC 2017 in Mid-Del Public Schools (Del City High School) @edcampOKC #EdCampOKC
  5. 3/5/2016: EdCampOKC 2016 in Oklahoma City Public Schools (John Marshall HS) @edcampOKC #EdCampOKC
  6. 2/6/2015: EdCampSWOK at Cameron University in Lawton, OK #EdCampSWOK
  7. 1/30/2016 EdCamp918 (@edcamp918) at Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy, Tulsa, Oklahoma #edcamp918
  8. 11/1/2015: PLAYDATE OKC at Casady School in Oklahoma City (3D Printing & Design) #playdate15
  9. 10/17/2015: EdCampStilly at the College of Education, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK @edcampstilly
  10. 9/26/2015 EdCampCTE 2015 at Canadian Valley Technology Center Cowan Campus in Yukon, OK @EdCampCTE
  11. 9/12/2015: EdCamp Science Sand Springs in Sand Springs, Oklahoma #EdCampOkSci
  12. 8/8/2015: EdCamp Southeast Oklahoma in Idabel, Oklahoma #edcampSEOK
  13. 7/30/2015: EdCampEOC @EdCampEOC in Choctaw, OK #edCampEOC
  14. 7/7/2015: EdCampOKSDE in Oklahoma City, OK (@edcampOKSDE) #edcampOKSDE
  15. 4/18/2015: PLAYDATE OKC at John Rex Elementary in Oklahoma City (MinecraftEDU & Coding) #playdate15
  16. 3/28/2015: Math EdCamp 2015 (@MathEdCamp2015) at Jenks Middle School, Jenks, Oklahoma
  17. 3/7/2015: EdCampOKC 2015 (@edcampOKC)  at Southmoore High School, Moore, Oklahoma #edcampOKC
  18. 1/24/2015 EdCampTulsa 2015 (@edcampTulsa) at Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy, Tulsa, Oklahoma #edcampTulsa
  19. 10/4/2014: PLAYDATE OKC at John Marshall High School in OKCPS #playdate14
  20. 9/20/2014: EdCamp Stillwater (@EdCampStilly) at the College of Education at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater #edcampStilly
  21. 9/6/2014: EdCamp Southeast Oklahoma (@edcampSEok) at Southeastern Oklahoma State University – McCurtain County Campus in Idabel #edcampSEOK
  22. 8/9/2014: EdCamp Broken Arrow (@edcampBA) at Broken Arrow High School in Broken Arrow #edcampBA
  23. 6/10/2014: EdCamp Northwest Oklahoma at High Plains Technology Center in Woodward #edcampNWOK
  24. 5/10/2014: PLAYDATE OKC at John Marshall High School in OKCPS #playdate14
  25. 3/29/2014: EdCampTulsa 2014 at Jenks High School Math and Science Center in Jenks #edcampTulsa
  26. 2/15/2014: EdCampOKC 2014 at Grant High School in OKCPS #edcampOKC
  27. 2/23/2013: EdCampOKC 2013 at Yukon High School in Yukon, Oklahoma #edcampOKC

10/29/2014: The OASSP Fall Conference (sponsored by CCOSA) included an EdCamp / Unconference afternoon session format (Note this conference is NOT free, however)

Resources from OTA/EncycloMedia on October 7, 2014:

EdCamp = Free Personalized Professional Development

Watch the following videos to learn more about EdCamps. Learn more about PLAYDATE PD events on the “backstory” page of the PLAYDATE OKC website. Also check out resources on the official EdCamp wiki.

Ed Camp from True Life Media on Vimeo.

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